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“Pasture selection is a crucial element in your farm plan, making sure you get the right product for your climate; soil profile and usage is key to maximising your year-round yields” says Lance Kennedy, from Irwin Hunter & Co, WA’s leading, locally owned and operated distributor of pasture seeds.

Regenerative Pasture benefits for WA farmers

AS we move into 2024, we are much more aware of the importance of how the widespread adoption of regenerative practices can have a positive impact on global environmental issues, including climate change and biodiversity loss.

Irwin Hunter & Co Seed Shed 2024

Our first IH Seeds Shed newsletter for 2024 is now available to read!
Featuring: El Nini; Our Pasture seed mixes; Ryegrasses; Other Grasses; Legumes and Alternative Forage & Cover Crops

Cover cropping in Western Australia

GROWING cover crops in Western Australia can offer many benefits to farmers, such as providing additional forage for livestock, improving soil health, reducing erosion, and providing a source of nutrients for subsequent crops.

IH Seeds Custom Mixes Editorial

IRWIN Hunter & Co can produce custom mixes for our customers.
We have been seeing more and more farmers who have identified crop species that perform better on their soils and under their farming conditions and environment and therefore have opted to develop their own mix.