Our range of Forage crops

Name Details Sowing rate
FeedEx Forage Sorghum An early to mid season flowering hybrid sorghum that provides earlier grazing opportunities than later flowering varieties Dryland: 3 to 6 kgs/ha
Good Dryland: 6 to 10 kgs/ha
Irrigation: 15 to 25 kgs/ha
Shirohie Millet The most commonly available variety with improved vigour and recovery from grazing over the older Japanese variety. Marginal Dryland: 7-10
Good Dryland: 10-14
Irrigation 20-25
Winfred Forage Brassica The ultimate all-rounder suited to all soil types, all stock classes and many sowing times. Monoculture: 3 to 4 kgs/ha.
Mixed with Herbs: 1 to 2 kgs/ha.
Winfred Forage Brassica: 2 kgs / ha. with Knight Italian Ryegrass: 8 to 10 kgs / ha.
Lawrence - Pearl Millet Lawrence Pearl Millet, like Japanese millet, sorghum and sorghum-Sudan grass, is an annual, semi-arid tropical grass plant grown for grain and forage throughout the tropical world.

Plant in 35 cm (14”) rows, drilled 1.25 cm (1/2”) depth at the following seeding rates:

Dryland 6 – 10 kgs per ha; Good Dryland 10 – 15 kgs per ha; Irrigation 15 to 20 kgs per ha.

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