Our range of Other Grasses

Name Details Rainfall Sowing rate
Narok Setaria Narok Setaria is a tropical forage grass that is very palatable and widely used in beef and dairy pasture. Robust perennial with vigorous growth habit that is known to withstand low temperatures of less than - 3°C. 500mm + 2 - 4 kgs/ha for bare seed
4 - 8kg/ha for coated seed
Matua Prairie Grass An annual to short lived perennial grass 600mm + 25 - 40 kgs/ha
Nemnuke Biofumigant Nemnuke is a variety of Mustard which is used as a biofumigant in high production agricultural areas where soil borne pests and diseases are a problem. 400mm + 6 to 10 kgs/ha
plus clovers
Misson Veldt A fine-stemmed, densely tufted perennial bunchgrass especially good for erosion control 400-800mm 3 kgs/ha as
a monoculture
Puccinellia A perennial grass that is tolerant to both salinity and water logging 350mm 2 to 4 kgs/ha as a monoculture
1 to 2 kgs/ha where sown with other species
Tyrrell Tall Wheat
Well adapted to a wide range of soil types including the poorly drained and saline effected areas. - 10 kgs/ha as a monoculture
6 kgs/ha where sown with other species
Yarck Cocksfoot Yarck cocksfoot has increased persistence compared to Porto with increased seedling vigour 450mm 4 to 5 kgs/ha as
a monoculture
to 2 kgs/ha
in a mix

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