Our range of Pasture Mixes

Name Details Rainfall Sowing rate
Interow mix ™ A blend of perennial and annual ryegrasses plus clovers that are suited to a range of soil types and management systems - Vineyards and Orchards:
35 to 40 kgs/ha
WA Southern Perennial WA Southern Perennial pasture mix - 4 to 6 kgs/ha
WA Northern Perennial WA Northern Perennial pasture mix - 4 to 6 kgs/ha
Green Manure Mix Green manure is grown specifically to be dug back into the soil, to return nutrients to the soil. 350mm+ 50 to 75 kgs/ha
Irrigation mix for WA Irrigation mix for Western Australia - 25 to 30 kgs/ha
Self Regeneration Caters for the large number of farmers whom require an early flowering pasture of ryegrass and clovers - 12 kgs/ha to
15 kgs/ha
Silahay™ Mix Targeted to those farmers whom are looking for a lower cost ryegrass and clover mix. - 25 kgs/ha
Souwest For Grazing Silage and Hay. For early production dry seed prior to the break where paddocks are clean and you are comfortable with the risk. 550mm plus 18 to 25 kgs/ha
Ryegrass Mix This mix is continually reviewed and updated with the most up to date varieties that have been proven in WA trials and demo areas - 18 to 25 kgs/ha

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