Our range of Perennial Ryegrasses

Name Details Rainfall Sowing rate
Avalon Avalon Persistent Perennial Ryegrass, Grown by Australians, for Australians.
Avalon Perennial Ryegrass was bred by Agriculture Victoria in partnership with Vicseeds to overcome poor persistence of many imported varieties.
600mm + 600 to 700mm:
12 to 15kg/ha
15 to 20kg/ha
Ceres PG One50 One50 Diploid Perennial Ryegrass is a new generation late heading perennial ryegrass. “Bred from elite genetics from New Zealand and North West Spain. 550mm + 15 to 25kg/ha
Ausvic AusVic Perennial Ryegrass is a very low endophyte Australian bred Perennial Ryegrass. The development of AusVic Perennial Ryegrass has produced a ryegrass designed to STOP STAGGERS in Sheep, Cattle and other grazing animals by greatly reducing the endophyte level. 550mm + 550 to 700mm: 12 to 15 kgs/ha
700 to 850mm: 15 to 20 kgs/ha.
Victorian info coming soon. 00mm +  to kg/ha
Roper Roper Perennial Ryegrass can work as an annual or perennial! Very good dry matter production over a range of soil types. 450mm + 15 to 25kg/ha

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