Prima Gland Clover

Prima Gland Clover Trifolium glanduliferum Plant description Prima Gland is an aerial seeding, self-regenerating, annual pasture legume. It is erect or semi-erect and extensively branched forming dense swards to about 40 or 50cm tall. It has an early maturity with a high level of insect tolerance. Prima Gland is hard seeded. It forms many-flowered globular … Read more

Arrowleaf Clover

Arrowleaf Clover (Trifolium vesiculosum) Deep Rooted later flowering Clover. Highly productive with deep root structure enabling excellent late spring / early summer growth. Adapted to deep acid sands. Suitable for grazing, hay and silage. Non Bloating. Arrowleaf Clover key attributes: Late maturity – extends grazing period into summer. Deep rooting ability – exploits deep subsoil … Read more

Soft Seeded Persian Clover

Annual soft seeded high feed value clover for Hay Persian clover is a tall upright self regenerating annual legume which can produce excellent forage and hay and is suited to the 450mm plus rainfall zones. Regrowth after grazing is excellent and it has as high a nutritive value as pasture or hay. The soft seeded … Read more

Hykon Rose Clover

The clover suited to a Mediterranean climate Hykon Rose clover is an annual legume with good spring production and is well suited to our Mediterranean-type climate growing satisfactorily on a wide range of soils, but is best suited to areas where sub clover will not grow or grows poorly. Hykon Rose clover is a freely … Read more