(Trifolium Yanninicum) Trikkala is a white seeded mid-maturing sub clover variety. It is a prostrate self-regenerating annual pasture legume that is tolerant of waterlogging and heavy grazing. It grows from autumn through to spring and buries its burrs. It is suited to medium to heavy acidic soils receiving a minimum 450mm/year rainfall. Trikkala is performs … Read more

Seaton Park

Seaton Park is a black seeded mid-season flowering subterranean clover that is very persistent even under heavy grazing and/or low rainfall It is a prostrate self-regenerating annual pasture legume which has improved disease resistance over Dalkeith Seaton Park is best suited to neutral-alkaline light to medium well drained, cracking and self-mulching or stony loams and … Read more

Dalkeith Subterranean Clover

Dalkeith Subterranean Clover Dalkeith Subterranean Clover is an early flowering subterranean clover best suited to moderately acidic, well-drained soils with an annual rainfall of approximately 300–500 mm, and where the growing season extends to early October. It can be used in crop rotations, but performs best when the pasture phase is at least two years. … Read more

Urana Sub Clover

A vigorous, early flowering subterranean clover Urana is an early flowering sub clover commercially available from 2004, and was bred by Department of Agriculture WA. It has higher levels of hard seed than Dalkeith, has trace levels of formononetin, (<0.05% of Dry Matter), and slightly better seedling and adult plant resistance to red-legged earth mites … Read more

Izmir Sub Clover

New early flowering sub clover for the low rainfall areas of WA Izmir Sub Clover is seen as a direct replacement for Nungarin in areas receiving less than 375mm annual rainfall. It is early flowering, (78 days), but has greater hard seededness than Nungarin which should result in greater persistence in cropping rotations. Seed softening … Read more

Coolamon Sub Clover

New replacement sub clover for mid season maturity varieties in Western Australia Coolamon has been bred as a replacement for Junee sub clover by the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia and is slightly later flowering than Junee, being 125 days at Darkan, compared to Junee 124. Coolamon is suited to areas with annual rainfall greater … Read more