Sceptre Lucerne

(Medicago sativa) Bred for Australian cropping and pasture rotations Sceptre Lucerne was bred for Australian conditions by the South Australian Department of Agriculture and in earlier years was one of the most widely adapted Lucerne’s in WA and it performed very well across a wide range of soil types and climatic conditions. Sceptre Lucerne is … Read more

Alpha 1 Lucerne

SGI Alpha-1 Lucerne – The King of Forage. SGI Alpha 1 lucerne was bred from Australian, USA and Argentinian germplasm and was selected for increased winter activity, fast establishment, and finer stems with high leaf to stem ratio and improved disease and pest resistance. The increased leaf to stem ratio will also give higher protein … Read more

Icon Lucerne

Icon Lucerne Icon lucerne was developed by selection from old established lucerne stands where high plant populations have survived over time. Plant selection was based on superior forage yields, improved disease and pest tolerance. Icon plants are moderately tall with leafy stems and a high leaf to stem ratio. With a winter activity rating of … Read more

Blue Ace Lucerne

Blue Ace lucerne was developed by selecting plants from within disease resistant survivors in old lucerne stands. Plants were selected on plant characteristics of superior fodder yield, improved pest and disease resistance. Blue Ace plants are moderately tall with leafy stems. With a winter activity rating of 9, plants have strong winter and spring growth … Read more