Savvy Cocksfoot

Savvy Cocksfoot Background Savvy is a vigorous, very high yielding perennial cocksfoot providing high production levels all year round, maintaining summer quality and palatability due to its low aftermath heading and soft leaves. It has a late heading date unlike most cocksfoot varieties. Savvy is an indiscriminate seeder which means that under grazing many Savvy … Read more

Endeavour Triticale

Endeavour Triticale Description Endeavour Triticale is a long season Triticale which is a semi awnless “Dual purpose” Triticale offering grain crops as well as pasture feed. Being a mid-late maturity pasture, Dual purpose varieties can be sown very early, grazed during winter then shut up for forage conservation or grain recovery. It has excellent grain … Read more

Tower Tall Fescue

Tower Tall Fescue Lolium arundinaceum The Summer active Tall Fescue that you think is a ryegrass! Tower Tall Fescue is a unique tall fescue produced in New Zealand that overcomes the negative features of older cultivars, and the limitations often found with perennial ryegrass. You get all the things you would like from a good … Read more

Anywhere Tall Fescue

Anywhere Tall Fescue MEDITERRANEAN TALL FESCUE – Winter Active Fescue Plant description Anywhere is an Australian bred and grown Mediterranean Fescue, with seasonal growth like no other, in the wet or dry It was selected for increased seedling vigour, allowing the plants to get established before soil temperature drops and weed competition becomes an issue. … Read more

Nemnuke Biofumigant

Nemnuke Biofumigant (Brassica juncea) Nemnuke is a variety of Mustard which is used as a biofumigant in high production agricultural areas where soil borne pests and diseases are a problem. Nemnuke contains natural components called Glucosinolates which have been found to release a compound called Isothiocyanates, which is a powerful fumigant and is known for … Read more

Atom Prairie Grass

Atom Prairie Grass (Bromus catherticus Vahl) High Quality Winter Forage Atom Prairie Grass is an alternative short to long-rotation option for high quality feed requirements. The nil endophyte forage, palatable seed heads, potentially high legume and herb content, and summer heat tolerance, is a perfect fit for late-spring, summer and autumn finishing of young stock. … Read more

Narok Setaria

Narok Setaria Grass (Setaria sphacelate – cv Narok) Narok Setaria is a tropical forage grass that is very palatable and widely used in beef and dairy pasture. Robust perennial with vigorous growth habit that is known to withstand low temperatures of less than – 3°C. Features & Requirements: Good regrowth after grazing. Good tolerance to … Read more

Tyrrell Tall Wheat Grass

Pasture option for Saline and water logged areas Tall Wheat grass originated from Turkey in the early 1930’s and was introduced into Australia during the 1950’s. The variety Tyrrell was selected from within this collection for its adaptability to Western Australian conditions. Described as a rather coarse, later maturing densely tufted perennial with grayish green … Read more


Low input winter active pasture for saline and water logged areas Puccinellia is a perennial grass that is tolerant to both salinity and water logging, although it is sensitive to water logged soils during establishment and requires a dry soil surface during summer. Puccinellia is a winter active perennial grass, with a high level of … Read more

Misson Veldt Grass

Mission Veldt grass is a fine-stemmed, densely tufted perennial bunchgrass that has been selected for use on light sandy soils and is especially good for erosion control. Mission Veldt grass is easily established, long-lived variety and is suited to areas with an annual rainfall of 400-800mm. Although Mission Veldt will grow on very poor soils, … Read more