Tetila Diploid

A diploid Annual Ryegrass which is fast to establish and recovers quickly after grazing. The old Tetraploid Tetila originated from a diploid prior to being chemically treated to double the chromosome number. New Diploid Tetila has finer leafs, high winter & spring yields. Diploid Tetila also has more seed per bag which means you can … Read more

Amazon T

Amazon T Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass (Lolium sp.) Excellent Dry Matter high volume yielder. Large seed with strong establishment. Exceptional rust resistance for areas with high humidity. Strong performer at recent Bindoon trials. Large leaf producing high quality grazing or hay options. Amazon T Annual Ryegrass key attributes: Selected for fast emergence which is beneficial when … Read more

Abundant Tetraploid

Annual Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum westerwoldicum) Abundant is a mid-late season variety that has proven to be very adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions since its release in Western Australia. Abundant has the potential to extend the vegetative production into late spring where the crop has been managed appropriately and there is sufficient moisture … Read more

Dargo Diploid Annual Ryegrass

A consistent performer year in year out… Dargo Italian diploid annual ryegrass is an early to mid-season maturing variety that has been successfully sown across a wide range of soils types and climatic conditions in Western Australia for a number of years. Dargo has excellent winter and early mid spring production and has proven over … Read more

New Tetila

New Tetila Annual Ryegrass, the quality Tetraploid. New Tetila traces to a vigorous tetraploid Italian ryegrass variety imported from the United States. The original accession has been exposed to natural selection for several years in the ryegrass seed production areas of Victoria and is now exceptionally well adapted to Australian conditions. New Tetila is a … Read more

Burst Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

Burst Tetraploid ryegrass is a new Australian bred selection from the Vic Seeds program and is a cross between Abundant and New Tetila. The flowering date is approximately halfway between these varieties making it an ideal fit for those whom are seeking a mid-season maturing variety. Burst Tetraploid has excellent winter and early mid spring … Read more

Safeguard Annual Ryegrass

Safeguard your protection against ARGT (Annual Ryegrass Toxicity)  350mm+ | 4.8 to 8.0 pH | Most Soil Types Safeguard pasture rotation ARGT nematode resistant annual ryegrass shows considerable promise in overcoming ARGT problems throughout the cropping and livestock areas where Wimmera ryegrass is a problem . Safeguard is also resistant to Cereal cyst nematode and … Read more