Santiago Medic

Santiago Spineless Burr Medic Medicago Polymorpha Early to mid-maturing hard seeded Medic. It is an autumn-to-spring growing annual pasture legume which has good waterlogging tolerance, germinating after autumn rains, flowering in spring and setting seed in late spring. It is a semi-prostrate annual, 15-40 cm high, with multiple lateral branches starting from near the base. … Read more

Fran2o Serradella

Fran2o Serradella The NEW wonder Serradella varietal The upgraded version of the Margurita Serradella offering an all year round pasture if seeded as a podded seed (sowing rate 15-20kg). Hard Seed, pink flower with a shorter time to maturity vis Margurita with 90 days to flowering. Suited to sandy loam or loamy soils. Highly palatable … Read more

Eliza Serradella

Eliza Serradella Soft seeded segmented pod Eliza is a soft seeded pink flowering French Serradella with more early vigour than Cadiz. Higher seeding rates required, as 60% of the weight is pod not seed. Tolerates lower pH soils. Requires group G inoculant. Deep rooted behaviour on deep sandy soils can extend the growing season. Low … Read more

Cheetah Medic

Cheetah Medic Medicago trunculata Cheetah is an early-mid maturing hard seeded barrel medic that is highly vigorous, fast growing and also drought tolerant. Fast growing with multiple aphid resistances, Cheetah provides a high yield in low to medium rainfall areas, making it perfect for summer feed. As a variety, it is early flowering and a … Read more

Cadiz French serradella

Further details on Cadiz French are yet to be completed. Meanwhile this Govt of WA, Department of Agriculture article is available… Cadiz Serradella Publication

Santorini Yellow Serradella

High performing hard seeded Yellow Serradella Santorini is mid maturing hard seeded yellow Serradella that can be used in cropping programs in preparation for a pasture phase or in a pasture mix. Santorini is well adapted to a wide range of soil types including highly acidic and sandy loam soils where pH is below 7.0, … Read more

Margurita French Serradella

New hard seeded Cadiz replacement Margurita hard seeded French Serradella and can be used as a direct replacement for Cadiz and is suited as an addition to cropping programs in preparation for a pasture phase. Margurita has been selected from hard seeded lines of Cadiz and demonstrates a continual breakdown pattern over the summer period … Read more