Green manure Mix

Green Manure Mix Green manure is grown specifically to be dug back into the soil, to return nutrients to the soil. Green manure can improve soil that has been depleted from prior crops or provide the perfect preparation for new crops that may be nutrient hungry. Green manure also improves soil structure, water retention and … Read more

Interow Mix™

Interow Mix™ for Vineyards and Orchards. Our new Interow Mix™ takes into consideration the importance of diversity in the mix, as well as including plants that produce increased biomass such as Saia Oats and tillage radish that provides for improved soil structure. The mix is a blend of Perennial and Annual Ryegrasses plus Saia Oats, … Read more

WA Southern Perennial Pasture Mix

WA Southern Perennial Pasture Mix (Pennisetum clandestinum) Variety Descriptions: Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum) is a mat-forming perennial grass that spreads by underground stems. With a root system of up to 30 – 40cm on regularly grazed pasture, Kikuyu is tolerant of trampling, holds the soils and responds to high manure input. It is moderately drought tolerant … Read more

Western Annual Ryegrass Mix

(Exclusive to landmark branches and agents) The Western annual ryegrass mix is continually reviewed and updated with the most up to date varieties that have been proven in WA trials and demo areas, like Abundant, Dargo and Angus 1 This mixture is a combination of Tetraploid and Diploid annual ryegrasses which will have good production … Read more

Souwest Pasture Mix

For Grazing Silage and Hay For early production dry seed prior to the break where paddocks are clean and you are comfortable with the risk Ensure plants are not prone to pulling then graze at 6 to 8cm high to increase tiller density. Then implement a rotational grazing program through winter and spring Cut mid … Read more

Silahay™ Mix

Silage and Hay Silahay™ is targeted to those farmers whom are looking for a lower cost ryegrass and clover mix that will provide early establishment vigour with high quality bulk for silage and hay in the spring. For early production dry seed prior to the break where paddocks are clean and you are comfortable with … Read more

Self Regeneration Pasture Mix

With Safeguard early flowering ARGT resistant ryegrass Irwin Hunter & Co have introduced this pasture mix to cater for the large number of farmers whom require an early flowering pasture of ryegrass and clovers that will set seed for regeneration in the following years and give farmers protection against annual ryegrass toxicity at the same … Read more

Irrigation Mix

This mix is a blend of selected high performance perennial ryegrass and white clover that have been selected to provide balanced pasture growth throughout the year under irrigation systems in WA. Can be established from March on under early watering program therefore establishing crop before winter. Ensure plants are not prone to pulling then graze … Read more