Abundant Tetraploid

Annual Ryegrass

(Lolium multiflorum westerwoldicum)


Abundant is a mid-late season variety that has proven to be very adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions since its release in Western Australia.

Abundant has the potential to extend the vegetative production into late spring where the crop has been managed appropriately and there is sufficient moisture and crop nutrition.

Abundant Tetraploid is a true westerwoldicum type that exhibits broad dark green leaves with a strong upright growth habit and has good tolerance to short periods of waterlogging.

Abundant key attributes:

  • Excellent early vigour providing excellent early production
  • Highly palatable with good disease resistance
  • Excellent regrowth after silage / hay with the potential for additional grazing
  • The highest yeilding commercial Tetraploid in 2009 Waroona trials
  • Used by leading dairy farmers in Western Australia

Abundant is suitable to all farming systems where farmers are looking for increased production over the longer growing season.

Being finer stemmed Abundant has excellent silage and hay making attributes and combined with its high forage quality will provide an excellent supplementary feed alternative.

Recommended sowing rate: range from 25 to 35 kgs/ha in rainfall zones >500 mm plus accompanying clovers.