Amass Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass

(Lolium multiflorum Lam)

Ideal for undersowing in dairy pastures to boost production at low cost.

Amass is a tetraploid Italian ryegrass that has been bred for fast seedling establishment and higher winter yields when feed is most needed.

The later heading date allows it to hold quality later into the season. It can tolerate temporary waterlogging and recovers well from heavy grazing.

Amass exhibits good heat tolerance in the warmer months and under favourable conditions it will persist into the second year. Suitable for all livestock types, as well as hay and silage production.

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Amass Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass key attributes:

  • Late flowering feed that thrives in high-rainfall and irrigated conditions.
  • Recovers well from heavy grazing and holds its quality for a lot longer, as it won’t go to head when planted in spring.
  • Second year of growth, Italian ryegrasses will flower late in the season, matching more vegetative growth to suitable soil moisture (e.g. up to early December).
  • These species can hold onto their quality for longer due to their late flowering. Flowering decreases the digestibility and quality of grasses due to the need for extra fibre to hold up the flowering seed head.

Who should use Amass Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass?

Amass Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass can be used by farmers in WA who have irrigation or are in areas with summer rainfall events, or districts that can get late spring rain. It can be over sown into older pastures in the autumn, to provide a boost to winter and spring production, with benefits extended into the following summer, or as new pasture sown with the appropriate clovers.

Amass Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass can be used as a transition crop following summer forage in lieu of perennial grasses where farmers are looking to do remedial work to paddocks prior to sowing a full irrigation pasture.

Amass Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass will produce high quality grazing and silage and where managed appropriately can provide excellent high-quality pasture for up to two years.

  • Recommended pH Rate: 5+
  • Recommended Rainfall Rate: 600mm+
  • Recommended Sow Rate:
    Irrigation: 25 to 35 kgs/ha. Plus Clovers
    High Rainfall Dry Land: 20 to 25 kgs/ha. Plus Clovers