Amplify Phalaris

Phalaris has been one of Australia’s success stories for temperate grasses. Up until recently, it was the only grass that had its own long-term breeding program. Australia has been the leader in Phalaris aquatica variety development and it is well suited to the southern Australian environment with it being the most winter productive for forage growth out of all the temperate perennial grasses.

Amplify phalaris is a deep-rooted perennial capable of tolerating waterlogged and acidic soils. A great all-rounder with high winter forage yields and some summer production under favourable conditions. Amplify has the ability to go summer dormant under adverse conditions for increased persistence.

A long term perennial pasture that gives you increased seedling vigour and lower toxicity. Amplify is a smart choice for growers who want a reliable and high yielding long term pasture.

Suitable for sheep, beef, and dairy.

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Grazing Management:

Phalaris is a slow to establish species and therefore should be allowed plenty of time to establish. Only very light grazing in the first year is recommended to encourage tillering but otherwise grazing should be avoided in the first year especially when phalaris is flowering as this is when dormant buds are forming for long term persistence.

Achieve Diploid Italian Ryegrass can be used as a transition crop following summer forage in lieu of perennial grasses where farmers are looking to do remedial work to paddocks prior to sowing a full irrigation pasture.

Achieve Diploid Italian Ryegrass will produce high quality grazing and silage and, where managed appropriately, can provide excellent high-quality pasture for up to two years.

  • Recommended Rainfall Rate: 500mm+
  • Recommended Sow Rate:
    Monoculture: 2 to 8 kgs/ha.
    Mix: 2 to 4 kgs/ha.

Use the higher sowing rate on the areas with high levels of waterlogging.