Anywhere Tall Fescue


Plant description

Anywhere is an Australian bred and grown Mediterranean Fescue, with seasonal growth like no other, in the wet or dry

It was selected for increased seedling vigour, allowing the plants to get established before soil temperature drops and weed competition becomes an issue.
It has a later heading date than other Mediterranean tall fescues allowing feed quality to be retained longer.

Anywhere is a winter active Mediterranean hybrid type, allowing some summer growth if rains occur, but summer dormancy if rains do not occur.

It has broad long leaves like a continental tall fescue, to increase dry matter production with the winter growth of a Mediterranean type.

It has no toxicity, is both endophyte free and staggers free.

Anywhere does not require a rest period to induce dormancy, unlike phalaris.

Anywhere was developed for dairy, beef, sheep, alpaca & goat production but also produces good quality hay & silage

Best sowing period is in autumn

  • Recommended pH Rate: CaCl2 5.5 - 7.5
  • Recommended Rainfall Rate: 450mm+
  • Recommended Sow Rate: 8-15kg/ha