Bolton Perennial Ryegrass

Improved Winter Spring production.

Bolton perennial ryegrassBolton Perennial Ryegrass, is a refined selection of Victorian ryegrass ecotypes bred by Agriculture Victoria in collaboration with Vicseeds.

Bolton was bred to replace Victorian ryegrass in sheep/beef zones, and was selected to be more persistent, productive and disease resistant than Victorian.

Bolton is produced under a certified seed scheme and is therefore true to type, unlike Victorian that is known to perform variably depending on where the seed is produced.

Bolton key attributes:

  • Improved winter spring production over Victorian.
  • High seedling vigour.
  • Densley tillered exhibiting increased tolerance to rust.

Bolton has excellent establishment vigour with good winter and early spring production under dryland conditions and will perform well over a range of soil types and management systems within Western Australia.

Bolton offers the potential for increased production over the winter and early to mid spring period where there is adequate moisture.

Where sown as a dryland pasture option, Bolton should be managed to ensure seed set for the following year creating a perennial pasture that may persist over a number of years.

Recommended sowing rates: Bolton perennial ryegrass 20 to 30 kgs/ha plus clovers.