BOUNTY Forage Sorghum

Bounty Forage Sorghum is a good option for cost effective grazing, silage, or hay.

Suitable for repeated, heavy grazing with good recovery between grazing. Potential for a high dry matter yield. Best grazed at around one metre in height.

Early maturing types require strict grazing management in order to maximise both their fodder yield and feed quality.

Tolerant of heavy grazing with coarse stems remaining unless grazed early. Commence grazing when plants have reached 1 to 1.5 metres in height. Slashing after grazing will promote even regrowth. Should not be grazed below 15 centimetres if good regrowth is expected. Can expect 4 or more grazing’s under ideal conditions.

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  • Soil pH: 5.0
  • Rainfall: 350 mm +
  • Sowing rate: 15 – 20 kgs/ha

Optimal planting – Spring – Soil temperatures 16ºC and rising.