Bronte AR1 Diploid Perennial Ryegrass

DLF Seeds LogoBronte is one of the first diploid perennial ryegrasses to be released from the DLF Seeds New Zealand program.

Bronte has been bred from persistent plants and exhibits a relatively high tiller density and fine leaves. These attributes gives Bronte good tolerance to grazing and is suited to a wide range of animal types under irrigation.

Bronte heading date is approximately 20 days later than Nui, and should provide good quality feed into the late spring early summer period where earlier heading varieties would have declined in feed quality. There is little aftermath heading therefore limited loss of feed quality.

Bronte AR1 key attributes

  • Excellent estbalishment vigour
  • Late heading date gives excellent feed quality into late spring early summer
  • High production through summer and into autumn where under irrigation
  • Bronte AR1 is inoculated with the novel endophyte strain AR1 thereby giving improved protection against some insect species.

Bronte is a new and exciting diploid perennial ryegrass that will give excellent production under well managed grazing systems across all seasons with supporting irrigation over the summer autumn period.

Recommended sowing rates:

Irrigation:25 kgs per ha
High rainfall dry land 20 kgs per ha