Crimson Clover

The clover to make your hay

Crimson clover is a deep rooted long season soft seeded aerial seeding clover that is adaptable to a wide range of soil types and management systems in the 500mm and above rainfall zones.

Crimson clover will perform best in free draining heavier soils and gravelly loams with a pH of 4.5 and above, however Crimson will perform in all soils where sub clover is grown.

Agronomic characteristics:

  1. Crimson clover is a highly palatable feed suited to late winter early spring grazing and silage or hay production
  2. Soft seeded erect annual clover
  3. Excellent spring and early summer production

Crimson clover has an upright growth habit, high quality leaf and stem, excellent mid to late spring production with a very showy crimson colored flower that is attractive for bees and other beneficial insects, making it suited to vineyards and orchards.

With its very high forage quality and mid to late spring production peak, Crimson will increase the clover to grass ratio making for improved forage quality and hay.

To optimise production Crimson clover is best suited to rotational grazing systems allowing recovery time between grazings.

Ideally Crimson clover should be sown at between 2 to 5 kgs/ha in mixes and 10 kgs/ha as a monoculture.