Dargo Diploid Annual Ryegrass

A consistent performer year in year out…

Dargo Italian diploid annual ryegrass is an early to mid-season maturing variety that has been successfully sown across a wide range of soils types and climatic conditions in Western Australia for a number of years.

Dargo has excellent winter and early mid spring production and has proven over time its ability to produce well in shorter growing seasons or where early dry spring conditions have proven a challenge.

Dargo key attributes

  • Excellent early establishment vigour in autumn and early winter.
  • High quality forage through the growing season.
  • High tolerance to rust leaf.
  • Suited grazing silage and hay.

Sowing tips:

To optimise the yields from Dargo annual ryegrass the following suggestions will provide a guide applicable to a range of situations:

  • Correct any soil pH issue pre sowing. Range 4.8 to 8 CaCl.
  • Sow no deeper than 2cm.
  • Apply adequate fertiliser at the time of sowing or after establishment to support the estimated production over winter.
  • If soil conditions are very wet at grazing use lighter stock where possible.
  • Once rotational grazing has started graze at the three leaf stage leaving a residue equivalent to half a leaf. This would equate to approximately 10 to 15 cm and a residue height of 4cm.
  • Where shutting up for silage, haylage or hay, apply the required fertiliser to balance the potential nutrient loss from the respective silage or hay crop.

By adopting a rotational grazing system and sound fertiliser management practises Dargo annual ryegrass can consistently produce high yields of dry matter over the growing period. This has the potential to provide significant income over and above the production normally achieved from a Wimmera based pasture.

Dargo recommended sowing rate:

  • 550mm plus 20 to 25 kgs/ha plus accompanying clovers
  • 400 to 550mm, 10 to 20 kgs/ha plus accompanying clover