Haifa White Clover

Medium leaved winter active clover suited to irrigation

Haifa white clover is a highly productive winter active variety suited to rotational grazing systems in higher rainfall areas or under irrigation in Western Australia.

Haifa was selected for increased stolon density, (compared to a large leaved Ladino type), medium leaf size and increased winter activity. Haifa is an older variety that has been largely superseded by later releases, however it is a useful addition to a mix in the higher rainfall zones where winter activity is required.

Haifa exhibits the following attributes:

  • Increased winter activity with medium leaf size
  • Increased stolon density compared to Ladino types
  • Limited summer production compared to Ladino and later releases

Haifa white clover is best suited sown into a mix with more productive summer active white clover varieties particularly where irrigation is used.

Can be sown with perennial or Biennial ryegrasses.

With all white clovers it is important to ensure that seed is not sown too deep (maximum 1.5 cm), and that pastures are frequently grazed to ensure light penetration to enhance plant establishment and development. White clover is generally not competitive with annual ryegrass species.

Recommended sowing rates: Haifa white clover 3 to 4 kgs/ha plus ryegrass clovers. Where sown with other white clovers adjust the proportion of Haifa accordingly.