Hykon Rose Clover

The clover suited to a Mediterranean climate

Hykon Rose clover is an annual legume with good spring production and is well suited to our Mediterranean-type climate growing satisfactorily on a wide range of soils, but is best suited to areas where sub clover will not grow or grows poorly.

Hykon Rose clover is a freely branching prostrate plant that is palatable throughout the growing season in spite of its stemmy appearance when dry, and is particularly palatable about flowering time. Flowering occurs from early September until mid-November.

It is particularly adapted in WA to areas with 300 – 550 mm annual rainfall and is not adaptable to waterlogged conditions.

Hykon Rose clover is well suited to rotational grazing systems but care needs to be taken when grazed in the late spring period as it is very palatable and if overgrazed seed set can be significantly reduced. It can be sown with other annual legumes and ryegrass and will add good quality to the grazing system especially in the mid to late spring period.

Recommended sowing rates: Hykon Rose clover sowing rate is 6 to 10 kgs/ha sown as the sole clover in with ryegrass or mixed with other clovers at 3 to 5 kgs/ha.