Interow Mix™

Interow Mix™ for Vineyards and Orchards.

Our new Interow Mix™ takes into consideration the importance of diversity in the mix, as well as including plants that produce increased biomass such as Saia Oats and tillage radish that provides for improved soil structure.

The mix is a blend of Perennial and Annual Ryegrasses plus Saia Oats, tillage radish and various Clovers that makes it suitable to a wide range of soil types and management systems and can been successfully used in vineyards and orchards throughout Western Australia.

Interow Mix™ is designed to provide a good balance of cover growth over the year, attract beneficial insects to assist in controlling insect pests, improve soil structure, aids with waterlogging, and can be cut for mulching, however this action may affect seed set for regeneration for the following year if cut late.

Interow Mix™ components:

  • Avalon Perennial Ryegrass a very persistent and densely tillered that will produce well through the winter and into the late spring.
  • AusVic Perennial Ryegrass is a very prolific seeder that is early maturing and therefore produces well in the winter.
  • Roper Perennial Ryegrass deep rooted perennial ryegrass that can work as an annual or a perennial where there is adequate summer moisture.
  • Abundant Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass, high quality, high yielding and long growing season.
  • Saia Oats, highly productive that is fast establishing and produces high levels of biomass. Excellent producer of organic matter and carbon since also has an extensive root system.
  • Trikkala Subterranean Clovers will produce across a wide range of soils in Pasture and Vineyard systems.
  • Arrowleaf and Crimson Aerial Seeded Clovers. The combination of early and later flowering aerial seeded subterranean clovers will give a good spread of production and flowering over the growing season.
  • Tribute White Clover. A perennial clover that, moisture depending, can produce all year round. Drought tolerant and persistent.
  • Tillage Radish. Excellent cover crop to assist in breaking a compaction layer in the soil. Being deeply rooted it will relocate nutrients further down in the soil profile and bring them back to the surface when decomposition starts. Also produces high levels of biomass, especially below the surface.

Recommended pH Rate: 5+
Recommended Rainfall Rate: 500mm+
Recommended Sow Rate:
Vineyards and Orchards: 35 to 40 kgs/ha.

(Increased sowing rates will increase the interplant and weed competition
assisting in reducing the weed burden and the requirement for early
herbicide applications).