Irrigation Mix

This mix is a blend of selected high performance perennial ryegrass and white clover that have been selected to provide balanced pasture growth throughout the year under irrigation systems in WA.

Can be established from March on under early watering program therefore establishing crop before winter. Ensure plants are not prone to pulling then graze at 6 to 8cm high to increase tiller density.

Implement a rotational grazing program through the balance of the pastures life. Increase frequency in periods of high production e.g. spring.

Manipluate pastures in late spring summer to minimise seed head development and retain pasture quality.

Irrigation mix varieties:

PGOne50: A new generation late heading perennial ryegrass bred from elite genetics from New Zealand and North West Spain.

Tribute white clover: medium to large leaf type, summer active with high stolon density.

The irrigation mix provides excellent production through out the year where supported by good pasture management, the appropriate nutrition and irrigation through the summer autumn period.

The PGOne50 perennial ryegrass, being a late flowering type holds good feed quality through spring until early summer when it will go reproductive however with this can be easily managed by grazing.

PGOne50 has limited aftermath heading therefore the decline in feed quality is limited, retaining the attributes of high voluntary intake and cleaner grazing.

To optimise production introduce a rotational grazing system increasing or decreasing the rotation taking account of the seasonal conditions through the year.

Recommended sowing rates:

Irrigation mix 25 to 30 kgs/ha. (Increased sowing rates will increase interplant competition during establishment offering earlier grazing and higher dry matter production where supported with increased fertiliser).