Izmir Sub Clover

New early flowering sub clover for the low rainfall areas of WA

Izmir Sub Clover is seen as a direct replacement for Nungarin in areas receiving less than 375mm annual rainfall. It is early flowering, (78 days), but has greater hard seededness than Nungarin which should result in greater persistence in cropping rotations.

Seed softening also occurs later in the summer-autumn period than Nungarin, giving it slightly greater protection from losses due to false breaks. Izmir is well adapted to moderately acid soils across the northern and eastern zones of the agricultural area.

The main attributes of Izmir Sub Clover are:

  • Early flowering with increased autumn, winter and spring production compared to Nungarin
  • Relatively prostrate growth habit giving good tolerance to grazing
  • Low levels of formononetin
  • Increased persistence compared to Nungarin
  • Some resistance to clover scorch

Limited testing suggests that Izmir has greater tolerance of acid soils than Nungarin. The overall field performance of Izmir has been superior to Nungarin.

The advantage of its higher hard seededness was apparent following seasons where trial sites were either cropped or sprayed out to prevent seed set. Where this occurred, mean seedling density of Izmir was 34% higher and seed production was 74% higher than Nungarin.

Recommended sowing rates: Monoculture: 20 kgs/ha; Mix: 6 to 8 kgs/ha.

Referenced from SM008 commercialisation paper: PGH Nichols, GA Sandral, BS Dear, CT de Koning, DL Lloyd, PM Evans, AD Craig, MJ Barbetti, M P You, P Si and PF Smith.