Margurita French Serradella

New hard seeded Cadiz replacement

Margurita hard seeded French Serradella and can be used as a direct replacement for Cadiz and is suited as an addition to cropping programs in preparation for a pasture phase.

Margurita has been selected from hard seeded lines of Cadiz and demonstrates a continual breakdown pattern over the summer period resulting in approximately 50% of the seed becoming germinable the following year.

Margurita is well adapted to a wide range of soil types including highly acidic and infertile sands where pH is below 7.0. It is suited to areas with a minimum rainfall of 350mm up to 800mm, and will tolerate some water logging but not inundation.

The main attributes of Margurita French Serradella are:

  • Early flowering approximately 114 days at Perth with a range from 103 to 125 days being slightly later than Erica.
  • Upright growth habit compared to Cadiz with potential to be more tolerant to grazing
  • Increased hard seediness therefore the increased persistence has the potential to provide increased dry matter production over an extended pasture phase
  • Increased Nitrogen generation from the pasture phase offers increased benefits to the following crop rotation.
  • Moderately tolerant to red legged earth mite, blue green aphid and cowpea aphids.
  • Has susceptibility to Lucerne flea.
  • Compatible with Group S Inoculant

The establishment of Margurita French Serradella into a cropping phase or pasture rotation will provide additional flexibility to farming systems providing the opportunity to switch between a cropping and pasture phase more easily due to the increased hard seed content. Margurita is compatible with other legume species and ryegrass that are suited to similar soil types and pH range.

Recommended sowing rates using de-hulled seed:

Monoculture: 10 to 20 kgs/ha;
Mix: 4 to 8 kgs/ha.

Referenced from 99FH7 commercialisation paper: Brad Nutt and Angelo Loi.