Matua Prairie Grass

High Quality Winter Forage

Matua Prairie Grass is an annual to short lived perennial grass. Most growth occurs in Autumn, Winter and Spring. It is well suited to fertile, well drained soils. Must be rotationally grazed for good production and persistence. Sow in Autumn.

One key attribute of Matua Prairie Grass is that it keeps its palatability through the growing season even as it approaches maturity. Unlike other grasses it does not produce a lot of lignin, which makes plants unpalatable and indigestible.

Matua Prairie Grass key attributes:

  • Short-lived perennial
  • Highly palatable cool season grass
  • Maintains quality in hot months
  • Reseeds itself each growth period for a longer stand life
  • Clover and Herb friendly
  • High protein content

Why use Matua Prairie Grass?

Prairie Grass is a member of the Bromus species. There are three major brome species in commercial use; Prairie Grass, Pasture Brome, and Grazing Brome. Bromes are more heat tolerant than ryegrasses. Bromes maintain their high-quality status even when in a reproductive state. Bromes have the potential to persist for longer than ryegrass in subtropical pastures, this is of most benefit to the northern states of Australia.

Establishment and Grazing Management

Sowing Rate Kg/Ha: 25 – 40

Seed Count @ 1Kg/Ha: Approximately 90,000

Season of Sowing: Early Autumn

Ideal Establishment Conditions: Fertile, Free Draining, weed free soils, pH above 5.5, Sowing depth of 5 – 15mm, Phosphorus based starter fertilizer, On-going nitrogen applications


Tonic Plantain, Choice Chicory, White and Red Clover, Lucerne, Annual Legumes. Sowing this combination of species will create a balanced high-performance pasture. Prairie Grass is best established as the sole grass in a mix to gain the maximum benefit from establishment and grazing utilisation.

Matua should be grazed in a strict rotation and harvested only after the plant reaches boot or early seed stage. A rest period of 25-35 days is required between grazing/harvests depending on the time of the year. Faster in the cooler periods, slower during the warmer summer months. Matua will not tolerate continuous grazing or grazing under wet/muddy conditions.

  • Recommended Rainfall Rate: 600mm+
  • Recommended Sow Rate: 25 to 40 kgs/ha.