Maximix Product Information has been updated with the PDF document on this page (March 2024)

MaxiMix Mix is continually reviewed and updated with the most up to date varieties that have been proven in Western Australia trials.

This unique combination of different species of pastures provides an excellent mix for achieving a highly productive as well as highly nutritious feed that extends throughout the season.

MaxiMix will maximise your pasture potential.

This mixture is a combination of Tetraploid and Diploid Annual Ryegrasses, Saia Oats and various aerial seeded clovers which all have great production over a wide range of soils types.

  • Abundant Tetraploid: Has the potential to extend the vegetative production into late spring where the crop has been managed appropriately and there is sufficient moisture and crop nutrition.
  • Burst Tetraploid: Strong early establishment coupled with a mid-season maturity that will provide good production through winter and early – mid spring, will tolerate short periods of waterlogging.
  • Finefeed Diploid: Fast emergence that is late flowering so produces good quality feed in winter and spring.
  • Tetila Diploid: Fast establishing and fast recovery post grazing.
    Earlier maturing then Finefeed.
  • Saia Oats: Very fast establishing with a lot of bulk production from autumn all the way through to spring.
  • Crimson Clover: Very palatable and nutritious with additional benefits of nitrogen fixation, being a legume. Produces a high quality feed into late spring.
  • Border Balansa: Mid Season flowering legume that is fast growing producing large leaves with an erect growth habit.
    Recovers well after grazing.
  • Arrowleaf Clover: A highly productive clover that is deep rooted that enables excellent late spring/early summer production.
    Performs well in acid sands.
  • Shaftal Persian Clover: Large leaf erect soft seeded clover offering excellent winter and spring production. Extremely palatable and a high quality forage. Handles medium waterlogging.

MaxiMix Mix can provide excellent production over the different seasons as conditions vary in the growing season available. With the diversity of the mix it provides some assurance all production will not be lost if there is an early finish to the spring. The earlier maturing varieties will have supported the production and conversely where there is a longer growing season the later maturing varieties will come into their own. Maximix Mix covers an extensive range of different situations and provides a more balanced growth to the pasture giving the farmer the best option for maximum production coupled with maximum nutrition so achieving best bang for buck.

Recommended pH Rate: 5+
Recommended Rainfall Rate: 450mm+
Recommended Sow Rate: 15 to 25kgs/ha

* Please note that occasionally some varieties in our mix will be replaced with a like-for-like variety where the original is not available or not easily accessible. Varieties in the mix will be specified on the bag label.