Misson Veldt Grass

Mission Veldt grass is a fine-stemmed, densely tufted perennial bunchgrass that has been selected for use on light sandy soils and is especially good for erosion control.

Mission Veldt grass is easily established, long-lived variety and is suited to areas with an annual rainfall of 400-800mm.

Although Mission Veldt will grow on very poor soils, productivity depends on adequate nutrient levels. Young seedlings should be watched for insect attack.

Wild veldt grass sheds its seed immediately it ripens, making it difficult to harvest seed of high quality, whereas Mission does not shed so freely. Farmers who are offered seed of unselected veldt grass should be careful to examine test results for percentage seed content, germination and weed content.

Mission is a productive pasture plant for general use on light soils to arrest and prevent erosion on light soils. It is also used to combat rising water tables by continuing to utilize available moisture during the summer months.

Mission Veldt is used to complement other fodder plants such as Lucerne, Serradella, Urana, Riverina and Coolamon sub-clovers and other annual legumes and perennial grasses. Although Mission Veldt is relatively easy to establish, seedlings do not compete well with Capeweed and annual grasses.

Recommended sowing rates:

Mission Veldt grass should be sown at a minimum of 3 kgs/ha as a monoculture, depending on the seedling germination and plant numbers required relative to the environment.