Mona Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass


  • High production
  • Very late heading date (+28)
  • Extended spring growth and quality
  • Excellent feed quality
  • What is Mona?

Mona is a tetraploid Italian ryegrass bred by DLF Seeds in New Zealand. The main objective in the breeding programme and testing was to develop a new tetraploid cultivar with rapid establishment and high feed production in winter and spring. Another aim was to improve persistence, to develop a grass with the ability to produce for two or more years in climates with cool/moist summers, or continue growing longer at the end of spring in hot summer climates. Mona is a replacement for Jeanne.

How does it perform?

Testing has confirmed that Mona at least as good as the best tetraploid Italian ryegrasses for production and survival, and is significantly more productive than Jeanne.

An added benefit of Mona is its very late heading date. This extends the period in spring when farmers can graze or cut very leafy and high quality forage by up to one month. Winter and early spring growth is not compromised by the late heading.
Mona has very little aftermath heading, therefore maintaining a high level of feed quality in the later spring early summer period. This allows for higher silage and hay quality from second and third cuts.
Who should use Mona?

Mona Italian ryegrass can be used by farmers in WA who have irrigation or are in areas with summer rainfall events, or districts that can get late spring rain. It can be over sown into older pastures in the autumn, to provide a boost to winter and spring production, with benefits extended into the following summer, or as new pasture sown with the appropriate clovers.

Mona can be used as a transition crop following summer forage in lieu of perennial grasses where farmers are looking to do remedial work to paddocks prior to sowing a full irrigation pasture.

Mona will produce high quality grazing and silage and where managed appropriately can provide excellent high quality pasture for up to two years.

Recommended sowing rates:

  • Irrigation: 30 to 35 kg/ha plus clovers
    High rainfall dry land: 22 to 25 kg/ha plus clovers
  • Annual yield of four tetraploid short-rotation ryegrasses - Yaldhurst 2012-15.

Mean of all trials

  • Mona out yielded Jeanne by 34%
  • Mona equal to Feast II
Mona Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass image
Mona Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass graph1

Trial Data: Victoria – Tyrendarra (Heywood)

Annual yield of four tetraploid short-rotation ryegrasses - Yaldhurst 2012-15 image

Annual yield of four tetraploid short-rotation ryegrasses - Yaldhurst 2012-15