New Tetila

New Tetila Annual Ryegrass, the quality Tetraploid.

New Tetila traces to a vigorous tetraploid Italian ryegrass variety imported from the United States. The original accession has been exposed to natural selection for several years in the ryegrass seed production areas of Victoria and is now exceptionally well adapted to Australian conditions.

New tetila annual ryegrassNew Tetila is a true tetraploid and is produced under the Asurequality Seedcare program to ensure its varietal purity. New Tetila offers excellent early establishment vigour and gives high dry matter production through winter and early mid spring. It has digestibility and like other Tetraploid’s has large wide dark green leaves and can withstand short periods of waterlogging.

New Tetila key attributes.

  • Excellent establishment with good winter production
  • Highly palatable with high animal intake
  • Produced under an accredited seed care production scheme to maintian varietal purity
  • Cost effective option

New Tetila like other tetraploid ryegrasses have been developed by creating a plant with 28 chromosomes per cell giving a larger cell size with increased water content (approximately 20%), larger darker green leaves, lower tiller numbers and a higher sugar content than diploid types.

Whilst a tetraploid variety may be preferentially grazed when compared to diploid types the increased water content means that there is less dry matter per kilogram of feed consumed, therefore less energy. Protein levels are similar to diploid types.

Tetraploids have half the number of seeds per kilogram compared to diploids, therefore the sowing rates need to be double that of diploid types or low plant populations will result.

To achieve the best results from tetraploids they should be mixed with diploid types. This will achieve a more balanced pasture retaining a good level of dry matter production, an improved balance of quality feed and if used for silage will be more easily cured than a pure tetraploid pasture.

New Tetila is best suited to medium to heavy soil types where there is good winter early spring rainfall. Production generally peaks early mid spring making New Tetila suitable for silage or early hay. The addition of clovers will improve forage quality.

New Tetila recommended sowing rate: minimum of 25 and up to 35 kgs kgs/ha plus accompanying clovers. (Increased sowing rates will increase pasture production where supported with increased fertiliser).