Ceres One50 Diploid Perennial Ryegrass

The only perennial ryegrass to survive the summer in Irwin Hunter & Co irrigation trials at Waroona in 2009

One50 diploid perennial ryegrass is a new generation late heading perennial ryegrass. “Bred from elite genetics from New Zealand and North West Spain, ONE50 was adapted for the unique climatic conditions Australian farmers face” quotes Alan Stewart, Plant Breederone50 diploid perennial ryegrass.

One50 has outstanding dry matter production and its yield potential is best realised in fertile, productive conditions; One50 is ideal for producing high quality feed for silage and hay.

Due to One50’s late heading characteristics, it makes late spring and early summer pasture management easier. It maintains vegetative leaf production during this time; this contrasts with most early to mid heading ryegrasses which require good grazing management to control seed head production through this period.

Ceres One50 key attributes:

  • Excellent establishment vigor with high disease resistance.
  • 21 days later flowering than Nui providing high quality late spring feed.
  • Persistant high yielding variety where sown under irrigation and good nutrition and pasture management systems.

Recommended sowing rates: One50 perennial ryegrass 15 to 25 kgs/ha plus clovers.

Ceres ONE50 is marketed by Agricom and Proudly distributed by Irwin Hunter & Co.