Paradana Balansa Clover

An annual clover for waterlogged soils

Paradana balansa is a semi-erect self regenerating annual clover selected for its tolerance to waterlogged soils and clover scorch resistant.

It is suited to a wide range of soils in areas where there is a minimum of

450 mm annual rainfall and where clover scorch is prevalent.

Paradana helps to increase the legume component of grazed pastures over the late winter and early to mid spring periods and is particularly useful for early hay production. Balansa species are generally very thick in the stem and can collapse where left for late hay.

Grazing management:

Paradana balansa can persist under continuous grazing, and is not well suited to rotational grazing systems. Paradana can self regenerate where sufficient moisture is available for seed set.

Recommended sowing rates:

Paradana balansa has approximately 1.4 million seeds per kg and can be sown at 2 to 4 kgs/ha with ryegrass where it is sole clover, or mixed with other clovers at 1 to 2 kgs/ha.