Riverina Sub Clover

The most versatile sub clover for medium to high rainfall areas in WA

Riverina belongs to the water logging tolerant subspecies yanninicum of sub clover, and is derived from the same cross as Gosse, (Meteora/Trikkala). and was bred by Dr J S Gladstones from the University of WA.

Riverina has been trialed in Ag Dept trials at Wokalup and Vasse in Western Australia, areas both suited to this variety and can be sown across a wide range of soil types in the 450mm plus rainfall zones with a pH of 4.5 and above.

The variety Riverina has some distinct advantages over Gosse and Trikkala as detailed below.

Agronomic characteristics:

  • Comparative flowering dates at Perth are:
    Riverina 119 days
    Trikkala 112 days
    Gosse 126 days
  • Has increased early mid winter production compared to Gosse
  • Riverina is resistant to Race 1 and at least moderately resistant to Race 2 of clover scorch
  • Higher hard seed content than Trikkala and Gosse
  • Suited to early watering programs
  • Lower levels of the oestrogenic isoflavone, (formononetin), than Trikkala
  • Higher tolerances to leaf rust and leaf spot
  • Riverina has good tolerance to water logging
  • Riverina is more resistant to powdery mildew than Gosse

In summary Riverina has a good fit across the Souwest area of Western Australia and has shown adaptability across a range of soil types and farming systems. The higher levels of hard seediness will increase the potential of increased production in the following years.

Referenced from commercialisation paper: BS Dear, PGH Nichols, SG Clark, CT de Koning and R Orr.

Recommended sowing rates: Monoculture: 20 kgs/ha; Mix: 6 to 8 kgs/ha