Roper Perennial Ryegrass

Roper Perennial Ryegrass can work as an annual or perennial!

Roper perennial ryegrass has been bred from an early flowering Australian perennial ryegrass collection that exhibits very good dry matter production over a range of soil types and management systems within Western Australia.

Roper, can be used in a range of grazing systems. In dryland pastures where other varieties won’t survive as a perennial i.e., North of line through Donnybrook, Roper can be managed like an annual offering the opportunity to have a reseeding pasture that given the right conditions may persist over a number of years.

Roper ryegrass attributes:

  • High seedling vigour due to 133% more root development than other perennial ryegrass varieties 62 days after sowing. (refer graph below)

  • Increased root depth will reduce plant pulling.

  • Ability to reseed under a range of conditions and suited to a wide range of soil types.

Roper perennial ryegrass seedling root growth graph

Where Roper is sown into non irrigated areas and will not survive the summer it should be allowed to set seed in the spring so that there will be adequate seed for germination in the following autumn.

Roper is a proven variety in WA and has been sown into a wide range of farming systems and growing conditions across the state over the previous 12 years. It is the first choice option for beef and sheep farmers and will perform well into the marginal dairy areas where appropriate management practices are adopted.

Recommended sowing rates: Roper perennial ryegrass 15 to 25 kgs/ha plus clovers.