Santorini Yellow Serradella

High performing hard seeded Yellow Serradella

Santorini is mid maturing hard seeded yellow Serradella that can be used in cropping programs in preparation for a pasture phase or in a pasture mix.

Santorini is well adapted to a wide range of soil types including highly acidic and sandy loam soils where pH is below 7.0, and is suited to areas with a minimum rainfall of 350mm and above. Like other Serradella’s, Santorini will tolerate some water logging but not inundation.

As well as being acid and aluminum tolerant, mature Santorini plants are mildly resistant to red legged earth mite (score 3 on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is worst), and tolerant of blue green aphid. As seedlings plants are mildly susceptible to red legged earth mite.

The main attributes of Santorini Yellow Serradella are:

  • Early maturity variety flowering at approximately 100 days from sowing at Perth
  • Upright growth habit offering easy access to gazing stock
  • Increased hard seediness giving increased persistence therefore it has the potential to provide increased dry matter production over an extended pasture phase
  • Increased Nitrogen generation from the pasture phase offers increased benefits to the following crop rotation.
  • Santorini has a prolonged period of germination (approximately 40 days), providing some insurance against false breaks
  • Compatible with Group S Inoculant

Particular features of Santorini are the higher plant productivity, increased hard seed content and ability to be sown into a wider range of soil types providing advantages over other Serradella options.

It is recommended to sow dehulled as it is more economical than pod. The seed content of pod is about 40% by weight, and pod has a very low germination rate giving a poor result in year one. Using dehulled seed can result in 10 times as many plants established per square metre for the same amount of money spent.

The establishment of Santorini into a cropping phase or pasture rotation will give additional flexibility to farming systems providing the opportunity to switch between a cropping and pasture phase more easily due to the increased hard seed content.

Santorini is compatible with other legume species and ryegrass that are suited to similar soil types and pH range.

Recommended sowing rates using de-hulled seed:

Monoculture: 6 to 10 kgs/ha;

Mix: 3 to 6 kgs/ha.