Savvy Cocksfoot


Savvy is a vigorous, very high yielding perennial cocksfoot providing high production levels all year round, maintaining summer quality and palatability due to its low aftermath heading and soft leaves. It has a late heading date unlike most cocksfoot varieties.

Savvy is an indiscriminate seeder which means that under grazing many Savvy plants may not produce any seed head at all. As well as having less seed head than traditional cocksfoot’s, Savvy has exceptionally low aftermath heading (the period of seed head development is very short), therefore it’s relatively easy to manage, particularly with cattle.

Savvy fits the traditional cocksfoot role in low fertility dryland pastures where it may be mixed with and sown with species such as white clover, sub clover, Balansa.

Savvy has exceptional disease resistance and has been bred to tolerate hard grazing in cattle and sheep systems, ensuring excellent recovery and persistence in a range of conditions. Consistent grazing in early to mid-spring will reduce seed head production in late spring



  • Rapid establishment for a cocksfoot
  • High autumn and winter production
  • High quality and leafy in summer
  • Excellent disease tolerance

Cocksfoot is well known for its drought tolerance, ability to tolerate lower fertility soils and many insect pests.

Savvy cocksfoot is a very leafy, densely tillered cocksfoot with high levels of production in all seasons.
Savvy has also been bred to be softer and more palatable to animals.

Savvy is best suited to regions with dry summer conditions with cold winters.
Cocksfoot is an endophyte free species which can be safely grazed in summer. Its forage quality is usually lower than perennial ryegrass and it can be particularly poor quality if seed heads are present through summer. The low summer seeding of Savvy should help summer management of this modern cocksfoot pasture.
Under dry summer conditions cocksfoot stands often have reduced crude protein levels leading to lower animal acceptance and performance.

Key times for nitrogen use are:

  • Late spring to maintain protein levels over early summer
  • Late summer to improve total autumn production
  • Mid-autumn to maximise winter production and help maintain winter pasture quality

The autumn nitrogen application is particularly relevant for Savvy as it is a very strong autumn/winter producer and this will greatly improve dry matter production and winter quality at this time of year.

To maintain summer legume content sow Savvy with tap rooted legumes such as lucerne or Relish red clover. Annual, sub and balansa clovers are important for winter and spring legume content
When sowing in an intensive sheep breeding system it is better to use a low sowing rate of perennial ryegrass as a cover crop for the Savvy to enable early spring set stocking, while the Savvy gets fully established

  • Recommended pH Rate: CaCl2 xx+
  • Recommended Rainfall Rate: 550mm+
  • Recommended Sow Rate:
    Single species: 5 to 10kgs/ha
    Mixes – Ryegrasses 2 to 4kgs/ha
    Clovers 4 to 8kgs/ha
    Lucerne 2 to 4kg/ha