Silahay™ Mix

Silage and Hay

Silahay™ is targeted to those farmers whom are looking for a lower cost ryegrass and clover mix that will provide early establishment vigour with high quality bulk for silage and hay in the spring.

For early production dry seed prior to the break where paddocks are clean and you are comfortable with the risk.

To encourage increased tillering ensure plants are not prone to pulling then graze at 6 to 8cm high. This will increase the clover component which will add quality to the later crop of silage or hay.

Apply spring fertiliser to promote bulk growth. Cut mid spring for silage, late spring for hay.


By using the Silahay™ mixture, with near equal proportions of Diploid and Tetraploid ryegrasses plus uncoated clovers, increased plant numbers will be sown compared to mixtures based around Tetraploid ryegrasses and coated clovers sown at the same rate per ha.

Following is a table comparing Silahay™ mix with uncoated clover seed compared to a theoretical mix containing Tetraploid ryegrasses and coated clover seed. (Very fine clover seeds generally have a 100% coat).

Silahay ™Kgs in mixApproximate number of seeds by varietyMixture BKgs in mixApproximate number of seeds by variety
Abundant153,750,000Tetraploid A102,500,000
Dargo84,000,000Tetraploid B102,500,000
Paradana balansa11,200,000Coated clover53,000,000
Persian clover11,200,000   
TOTALS:2510,150,000  25 8,000,000

Each bag of Silahay™ mix contains approximately 25% more seeds than mixture B.

What does this mean: If sowing the Silahay™ mix at 25 kgs/ha at an extra .50 cents per kg cost, this would be $12.50 per ha more. However you are sowing an extra 25% more seed therefore potentially getting 25% more dry matter.

If you were budgeting on a 5 tonne crop this could produce an extra 1,250 kgs DM/ha a potential increase in income of $187.50 per ha based on a DM cost of $150.00 per tonne.

Silahay™ mix variety summary:

AbundantThe highest yielding Tetraploid tested in WA and a proven performer
Dargo DiploidA proven performer over years from Esperance to Geraldton in areas over 400mm growing season rainfall
Paradana balansaExcellent producer over the winter / spring period and provides excellent bulk to hay crops
Flash PersianProduces a high quality forage that will add value to a silage and hay crops. Produces some hard seed for regeneration the following year

Silahay™ mix will provide an extremely competitive product that will make the farmer money.

This mixture will suit a wide range of farming systems and soils types in the 500mm plus rainfall zones.

We believe this will provide an excellent quality crop that will achieve high yields where supported by appropriate nutrition.

Recommended sowing rates for the Silahay™ mix is:

25 kgs/ha.  (Increased sowing rates will increase interplant competition during establishment offering earlier grazing and higher pasture production where supported with increased fertiliser).