Sunflower seed

SuperSun 66 Sunflower is a medium to late maturing variety which enables it to maximise yield in a wide range of conditions. It reaches 50% flower in approximately 75 days. Harvest can be expected in approximately 140 days, depending on conditions. It has excellent standability and large plump seeds.

Sunflowers have a strong taproot capable of extracting water up to 2–3 m deep in ideal situations.

Sunflower is most suited to deep clay soils, with high water-holding capacities. They can tolerate waterlogging, but long periods of inundation will lead to yield penalties.

Sunflower is best suited to deep soils in a no-till system. No-till relies on effective weed control in the previous crop and fallow. However, no-till can encourage mice build-up compared with conventionally cultivated paddocks and limits some broadleaf weed control options as pre-emergent herbicides cannot be incorporated.

Sunflower should only be planted where the soil profile is wet to a minimum depth of at least 80 cm.

Sunflower tolerates light frosts in the early and late growth stages. It also tolerates high temperatures, except during the critical flowering and seed-filling stages. For early plantings, the soil temperature at 10 cm depth should exceed 10–12 °C at 8.00 am and heavy frosts should be finished. While 10 °C is the minimum, planting on rising soil temperatures will ensure quicker germination

Extremes of heat or cold can result in patchy plant stands.
Sunflower is a good rotation crop and is most often planted after a long fallow following a winter cereal and is also suitable for use in a short fallow following sorghum, or as a double crop option provided the soil moisture profile is near full.

SuperSun 66 has an excellent level of resistance to the major sunflower diseases including leaf rust, albugo white blister and alternaria. It has semi–pendulous heads which helps to reduce sunburn, head rot and bird problems.
It produces a high percentage of poly unsaturated oil. It also has many other desirable agronomic traits including high levels of lodging resistance from its thick stalks

  • Recommended pH Rate: CaCl2 5 – 8
  • Sowing period: Sept – Dec
  • Recommended Sow Rate: 5 to 8kg/ha
  • Days to flowering: 75 days to 50% flowering