Tetila Diploid

A diploid Annual Ryegrass which is fast to establish and
recovers quickly after grazing.

  • The old Tetraploid Tetila originated from a diploid prior to being
    chemically treated to double the chromosome number.
  • New Diploid Tetila has finer leafs, high winter & spring yields.
  • Diploid Tetila also has more seed per bag which means you can
    sow at a lower rate than Tetraploid Tetila. (30% lower sowing rate)
  • Diploid Tetila has quicker grazing recovery under hard grazing
    than the old Tetila.
  • Fine leaves and stems makes Diploid Tetila ideal for Hay and
    Silage production after grazing due to its ability to hold the quality
    and quantity of herbage for longer than the old Tetila ryegrass.

https://irwinhunter.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/tetila_diploid_image_500w.jpgThis links to a PDF providing further details, including trial/yield graphs

  • Sowing Rate KG/HA: 15 to 20
  • Rainfall (mm): 550+
  • Days to flowering relative to Dargo: Plus 4
  • Ideal Soil Range (LS / S / L / H ): S-H
  • Low PH(P) / Waterlogging (W) / Salinity (S) Tolerance: Mild / P / W