Tribute White Clover

Grasslands Tribute White Clover is a new generation clover combining medium to large leaf size with high stolon density bred in Australia for Australian farming conditions.


Tribute white clover is suited to rotational grazing systems under irrigation and with a superior stolon density to leaf size ratio Tribute has improved persistence and forage production over older cultivars.

With higher stolon density it will provide an increased clover to grass ratio.

In intensive grazing systems the quality is important and white clover can increased animal productivity through improved yields of milk and meat.

The main attributes of Grasslands Tribute white clover are:

  • Increased stolon density compared to Haifa types.
  • Increased winter and summer yields.
  • Improved persistence due to more aggressive stolon activity.

 As white clover can have significant plant losses in some environments varieties such as Tribute having increased stolon density can provide an improved clover to grass ratio over the year with higher plant retention in the years following.

At sowing it is important to ensure that white clover is not sown too deep (maximum 1.5 cm), and that pastures are frequently grazed to ensure penetration of light to enhance plant establishment and development. White clover is generally not competitive with annual ryegrass species

Recommended sowing rates: Tribute white clover 3 to 4 kgs/ha plus ryegrass and other clovers. When sown with other white clovers adjust the proportion of Tribute.