Tyrrell Tall Wheat Grass

Pasture option for Saline and water logged areas

Tall Wheat grass originated from Turkey in the early 1930’s and was introduced into Australia during the 1950’s. The variety Tyrrell was selected from within this collection for its adaptability to Western Australian conditions.

Described as a rather coarse, later maturing densely tufted perennial with grayish green leaves, and is more productive in areas with moist summers and autumns.

Tyrrell tall wheat grass is well adapted to a wide range of soil types including the poorly drained and saline effected areas across Western Australia.

During the winter establishment period it is generally slower than most other grass species, however once established it persists well.

Its main attribute is its high salt tolerance and its ability to grow and persist on highly alkaline soils.

Recommended sowing rates:

Tyrrell tall wheat grass should be sown at 10 kgs/ha as a monoculture or 6 kgs/ha where sown with other species.