Western Annual Ryegrass Mix

(Exclusive to landmark branches and agents)

The Western annual ryegrass mix is continually reviewed and updated with the most up to date varieties that have been proven in WA trials and demo areas, like Abundant, Dargo and Angus 1

This mixture is a combination of Tetraploid and Diploid annual ryegrasses which will have good production over a wide range of soils.

Western annual mix varieties

Abundant Tetraploid: Has the potential to extend the vegetative production into late spring where the crop has been managed appropriately and there is sufficient moisture and crop nutrition.

Dargo diploid: Early to mid season maturing Italian type annual ryegrass that has can adapt to a wide range of soils types and seasonal conditions.

Angus 1 Tetraploid:  An early to mid season maturing westerwoldicum type that exhibits excellent establishment vigour with a strong upright growth habit that has adaptability across a wide range of soil types.

Western annual ryegrass mix can provide excellent production over the different seasons as conditions vary in the growing season available. This mixture provides some assurance all production will not be lost if there is an early finish to the spring. The earlier maturing varieties will have supported the production and conversely where there is a longer growing season the later maturing varieties will come into their own. In other words it covers a range of different situations and provides a more balanced growth to the pasture.

Recommended sowing rates:

Western annual mix: 18 to 25 kgs/ha plus clovers. (Increased sowing rates will increase inter plant competition during establishment offering earlier grazing and higher dry matter production where supported with increased fertiliser).

* Please note that occasionally some varieties in our mix will be replaced with a like-for-like variety where the original is not available or not easily accessible. Varieties in the mix will be specified on the bag label.