Yarck Cocksfoot

Yarck cocksfoot is a selection from Porto types that is suited to the 450mm+ rainfall zones.

Yarck has improved earlier to mid-season production than earlier types and can be sown into a range of soils in conjunction with other perennial species to provide a year round pasture.

Yarck cocksfoot key attributes

  • Medium flowering type with increased dry matter production through winter and early spring compared to Porto types
  • Softer leaved increasing palatability
  • Can respond to summer rainfall where sown into the higher rainfall zones

Yarck cocksfoot has increased persistence compared to Porto with increased seedling vigour giving improved establishment and growing season production.

Cocksfoot once established can exhibit greater root mass and is more tolerant of insect pests compared to perennial ryegrasses. It therefore can contribute to improved pasture production where sown as a companion species to ryegrasses, fescues, phalaris and clovers.

Recommended sowing rates: 4 to 5 kgs/ha as a monoculture or 1 to 2 kgs/ha in a mix