Our range of Sub tropical grasses

NameDetailsSowing rate
Callide Rhodes GrassIntroduced from Africa and is now grown extensively throughout the coastal areas of New South Wales and Queensland.Coated: 6 to 8 kgs/ha
Bare seed: 4 kgs/ha
Finecut Rhodes GrassFinecut Rhodes is bred for increased dry matter, silage or hay production.Coated: 6 to 8 kgs/ha
Bare seed: 4 kgs/ha
Gatton PanicA deep rooted bunch grass that is a useful addition to Rhodes grasses in mixtures.3 kgs/ha of bare seed
Katambora Rhodes GrassA diploid rhodes, earlier flowering than Callide & is more cold tolerant than Callide.Coated: 6 to 8 kgs/ha
Bare seed: 4 kgs/ha
Reclaimer Rhodes GrassA new release from Selected Seeds salt tolerant program. Has shown increases of up to 20% DM production.Coated seed: 6 kgs/ha
Signal GrassA coarse stoloniferous plant with trailing stems that root at the nodes. Should be sown with other species!Bare seed: 4 kgs/ha

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